SOAP SWAP CLASS (Group Soap Making Class)
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SOAP SWAP CLASS (Group Soap Making Class)

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We've taken the cookie swap idea to a new whole level! Imagine getting to make and use soap that you and your friends create together! Each person can choose their own fragrance, colors and additives and when your soap is made, you can cut it up into bars and exchange varieties with your friends! What a great way to learn a new craft, spend time with your friends and enjoy each others creations!

Enjoy a group rate of $60 per person.

Regular price for this class is $75 per person, so this is a fabulous deal! (The group rate only applies if you gather your own group. If you attend a class and multiple students whom you do not know are there, the $75 per person rate still applies.)

Maximum number of students per class is 5. This listing is valid for groups larger than 3 students. You must be 18 years or older to register.


During this one-day workshop, you will learn how to make your very own soap from scratch using the Hot Process Method! Each class is limited to 5 students, assuring that individuals receive a great deal of attention. Students will choose their own fragrances, colors and additives from a large selection.

Each student will leave with 72 ounces/4.5 lbs of soap.

Register by purchasing the class right here online, or by contacting Kim ( or 617-803-8622). Once you have registered, detailed instructions will be sent to you for the workshop, including directions to the studio.

Please note: A key ingredient in the process is lye (sodium hydroxide), which is caustic, but necessary in order to make soap. Safety equipment is mandatory and will be supplied while using this material.

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