Our Green Practices

We thought we would take a moment to educate our customers about our green practices. We have been using them since we started our company in 2007 and we are always looking to improve them.

  • We offer a package-free option with all of our bar soaps. 
  • We also offer a solid shampoo bar, which is not only wonderful for washing your hair (and face and body), but it also cuts down on packaging (it is wrapped in compostable paper).
  • We recycle every container of raw ingredients (oil, water, etc.) that we use to make our products. We also recycle every shipping box and all other paper products. This amounts to heaps of material, but this effort is important to us.
  • We continuously reuse packaging materials.
  • All of the containers we use for our body scrubs and body butters are recyclable.
  • We are a palm-free business. We steer clear of palm oil as it endangers wildlife when it is harvested.
  • Every one of our soaps are biodegradable and safe for your septic system. Even sensitive systems in remote areas.
  • We purchase as many of our raw ingredients as possible at the local level to decrease our carbon footprint. We also love supporting our fellow local small businesspeople!
  • Most of our products are 100% natural. The rest are 98% natural. All synthetic ingredients we use are FD&C approved, cosmetic-grade and skin safe.